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Making the worries of sneaker copping a thought of the past!

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Meet the most user-friendly, fast and efficient sneaker software ever made,
To create Burst we've studied and designed an astonishing interface tailored for our users.

Lightning fast, its the definition of our modules,
Written and maintained by expert and highly skilled developers.

Never miss a drop with our in-depth-guides, get advised by our support team, available 24/7 within the discord server, exclusive to members
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Functionality meets

Burst has been created with a set of top-tier features, to help you with the hard tasks and simplify your sneaker botting experience

CLI & GUI System

Use your favourite interface, without restrictions, GUI and CLI are fully synced and never outdated
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Automatic Antibot handling

Bot protection wont be a problem for you, our modules have built-in and automatic antibot solvers.
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In-bot Release Guides

We simplify your setup, you can create tasks for a specific release directly in bot with one, only, click
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Experience the best in botting with our ad-hoc automated features

In-Cloud Monitors

Introducing In-Cloud Monitors, a feature that keeps you ahead of the game when it comes to restocks. With this feature, you'll never miss a drop again as our system automatically pings btasks and starts them as soon as a new product is restocked.
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Want to monitor tasks automatically but with your settings? No problem, Follow tasks will allow you to monitor unlimited products and start connected tasks when they reach a step of your selection.
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Smart Captcha Banks

An innovative feature that streamlines the process of solving captchas. Our system automatically manages and solves captchas using a bank, saving you time and hassle.
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Our advanced profile generation feature that allows you to create thousands of profiles with randomized billing information with just one click. With this feature, you can easily generate a large number of unique profiles with different billing information
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How can I purchase BurstAIO?
BurstAIO can be purchased on our website or through a third party seller. If dealing with a third party seller, deal only with reputable marketplaces.
How much does BurstAIO cost?
BurstAIO has a retail price of 200€ initial + 30€ Monthly. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time.
When will BurstAIO restock?
Restocks are announced on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Make sure you follow us @BurstAIO and turn on notifications to keep up to date on restock information.
What OS does BurstAIO support?
BurstAIO currently supports Windows machines only.

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